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Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, will host the Green State University Falcons (3-2, 1-1) at University of Pennsylvania Stadium in Philadelphia on Saturday, November 4 at 7: 30 p.m.

Bowling Green forced 18 turnovers and held the Huskies to 33.3 percent shooting. After a tough first half, Bowling Green was 10 points behind Ohio but got back on track to score 51 points and pull off an eight-point victory.

Geno Cavillini scored in the second half to give the Falcons their first double-digit win of the season with a 76-66 victory over the Huskies. Geno Cavillinis scored for the first time in his career and gave the Falconers their second consecutive victory over Ohio State University on Saturday, December 9, 2016. Geno Cavilini scored the second consecutive win for Bowling Green as the Falcons celebrated their third straight win against UOSU on Friday, November 10, 2017.

The Papermakers' victory cemented Bowling Green's position as one of the top teams in the Big Ten Conference. The Academic Ohio Football Team was recently honored in Columbus, Ohio, by the Ohio State University College Football Hall of Fame and the University of Ohio Athletic Association.

The students of Bowling Green also have the opportunity to participate in various sports at club level and to compete. The athletics department also offers a wide variety of sports such as athletics, football, basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, lacrosse, golf and athletics. Students from the University of Arts and Sciences and the Engineering School also participate in various sports clubs.

The Falcons and Kent State are also competing for the Anniversary Award, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the two institutions' founding in 1910, when Lowry's bill was passed.

Bowling Green opened the season against Los Michigan, then rattled it off with two wins over Bowling Green State, Kent State and Ohio State. The women's basketball team made it to the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history, setting a tournament record of 6-12. In the 2006-07 tournament, the team became the first women's team and first in the MAC to reach the sweet sixteen by defeating 10th-seeded Oklahoma State 70-60 and upsetting second-seeded Vanderbilt 60-59. Bowling Green Rugby has won 11 national collegiate championships and three national titles, as well as the national championships in 2008-09 and 2009-10.

Bowling Green threw Ferris (0-5 overall, 0-1) out of the conference play with a 6-1 victory. Bowling Green and its opponents eclipsed the total for the first time in school history on Tuesday with their first victory over an opponent that wasn't in the conference. Out, is 7-2 in the last eight overall and is 4-0 in his last four ATS wins, and was 0 for 4 against the Ats in his last four wins.

Bowling Green has a 4-4 overall record in bowl games, but has a losing record against the spread, with a -1.4 rating this season. Bowling Green won for the first time in school history against Bemidji State (1-5 overall, 0-1) and was just one win away from being swept by Bimini (2-3 overall) in the Big Ten championship game.

The Falcons won 14-6-3 and set the school record for most wins in a single season in school history with their third consecutive 10-win season. The Falcons are also a historic MAC powerhouse, having won 10 conference titles in the conference's first four years (2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14).

Bowling Green has one of the most successful football programs in the nation in college football history.

Bowling Green's best known coaches include John Perry Barlow, Don Shula, Jim McElwain, Bill O'Brien and Mike Leach. Former head coaches Ron Zook, Mike Ditka, Bob Stoops, Steve Spurrier, Ron Brown and Jim Tressel Spent time as head coach at Bowling Green and shaped the program.

Bowling Green was also home to Chuck Share, who was selected in the 1950 NBA Draft by the Boston Celtics. Bowling Green was also the site of Charles "Chuck" Share's first draft pick in 1951 and the second - overall pick in 1952 and third - selection in 1953, both of which were selected in the NBA Draft by the Boston Celtics in the 1950s. Former BGSU players Antonio Guevara, Mike D'Antonio and John Stockton also played for BG State.

Ferris recorded 31 shots on goal compared to 20 for the Falcons, and it was Bowling Green that took a 2-1 lead into the second intermission. In the victory over the Bobcats, Bowling Green's top scorer was junior forward and former BGSU player Mike D'Antonio, who was named in the D1AA Fall Top 50 in October. After leading the MAC as a team in field goal percentage (44.7%) and three-point shooting (39.5%), BowlingGreen wasn't afraid to attack the basket in the conference play.

Bowling Green has three prominent rivals, including Miami at Ohio State and Kent State, but its fiercest rival is Toledo, with the two competing for the regular-season title and the peace whistle that the game's winner takes home. Bowling Green is located in the Sebo Athletics Centre, which also has sports facilities and a weight room, and it hosts a personal visit, personalized in addition to security and the practice ground. The football team competes in a four-team conference, the Mid-American Conference (MAC), and is sponsored in all NCAA-sanctioned sports.

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