Bowling Green Kentucky Homewood Suites

Mubea Tailor of Rolling Blanks (TRB) has opened a production facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky, to manufacture its high-quality roller suits. Headquartered in Florence, Kentucky, the company not only produces American machines, but also demonstrates a plant - a vast system centered on the use of cutting-edge technology and advanced manufacturing processes, setting a precedent for improved production efficiency. Dixie Hwy in Florence, KY (41042) is the first of its kind in the USA and helped find the technology a month ago.

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Northern Kentucky Industrial Park is located in Florence, Kentucky and is home to a number of national and international manufacturers including Mazak, Mubea and L'Oreal. Many of these technical companies are located near Louisville, which also serves as the headquarters of the Kentucky State University System and the University of Kentucky. The Northern Kentucky Industrial Park is located in the heart of Louisville, just a few miles south of Louisville International Airport.

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More About Bowling Green