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Nashville is known as Music City, but there is a neighboring city that must be on every music lover's radar. The state's third largest city is home to Western Kentucky University, but it also has an emerging music scene that cannot be ignored. With the ethnically diverse population of Bowling Green, more than 85 languages are spoken and people over 35 nationalities call the Bowling Green Community Home. Prepare yourself, readers, for what would make many bluegrassers curious, BowlingGreen has become a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

Forget bluegrass, here's just a selection of famous Kentucky musicians, from the pioneers who created the original sound of blues, blues and jazz to the modern stars of country, country and blues rock'n roll. Bluegrass legends John Prine, Hank Williams Jr. and John Coltrane give private lessons in the store.

Whether you have been a professional music educator for decades or are learning music for the first time, Music & Art is here to help you succeed. We count on you to give us everything you need to shine on stage and beyond.

Music & Art is so big that we were not always used to being able to offer music lessons from trained teachers. Today, Music & Art is one of the leading providers of music intermediation services in the state of Kentucky, with hundreds of locations across the country.

We are proud to serve Bowling Green, Kentucky with our business located in the heart of the Music & Art Campus of the University of Kentucky, on the main campus of WKU.

We love Bowling Green for the very reason that anyone in this country has ever loved their small rural community. Living in several major metropolitan areas, such as Dallas, New Orleans, and Nashville, has only reinforced the pride we feel when we tell each other that we have truly chosen a place where our family's roots would grow deep in the rich soil of Kentucky.

Forecastle will always be a great music festival, but there are always big names headlining at the Kentucky Grand Hotel, which is just a few blocks from the Bowling Green Convention Center. The average listener or out of the towel has to choose between popular national acts for his or her own talent. As we are oriented towards local musicians, this shop should be your last stop before you step on stage. When you play at the same time, it is always a fun experience for you and your friends and family.

Keep doing what you are doing, Hilltoppers, and expect to see them again next year at Starry Night, and fingers crossed they continue to do so. I expect them to come to Louisville soon, but I expect them to return to Bowling Green in a few years for a show at the Kentucky Grand Hotel.

On Saturday, May 14 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, June 5 at 6: 30 p.m., they will be on display for the second time on Sunday night at the Starry Night at Beech Bend Amusement Park Raceway.

Bowling Green loves sports cars so much that a minor league baseball team is called Hot Rods. The guys rock with a sound that combines blues, surf and pop, and they have a lot of videos of acoustic jams. They are the superheroes of their hometown and the locals can't get enough of this internationally acclaimed band.

The Music & Arts team, formerly known as the Royal Music, is maintaining the tradition of serving Rockfield and the surrounding Plumb Springs as the home of the Bowling Green Groves Music and Arts Center. BG bands can master their sound and performances in their hometown and avoid the neck-breaking atmosphere of Nashville's music scene. Because this band knows that it's only a matter of time before a potential Nashville gig takes place if they can make good ground in BG. The breeding ground has become the Tidballs, and with the success of their debut album, Bowling Green is becoming almost a minor league system for Nashville.

The six band members have always been so supportive of their hometown, and WKU has offered to offer free concerts for students on campus in the future.

Saturday's line-up was more of a mix, with two well-known Nashville-area bands and two new bands. The fact that both bands came to Bowling Green is testament to the strength of the local music scene in Kentucky. Although there are a number of bands on Starry Night that are not from Bowling Green, this is not because they are not from Bowling Green, but rather because they are from or are from the Tennessee area. With almost 6,000 spectators, the well-known band from Nashville and the new band were allowed to perform without resistance, and both played in front of a full house in front of their home audience.

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More About Bowling Green