Bowling Green Kentucky Restaurants

Culinary adventures await you in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, but if you don't plan a stop at Bowling Green's Downtown, your palate may miss something. Two days is enough time to scratch the surface of what I have recently discovered in my busy 48 hours living in Bowling Green. This historic Louisville staple has doubled as a pharmacy since 2014 and is a must-have when in this city, especially for breakfast.

It's the perfect place to make a decision, but if you fancy something different from the standard breakfast menu, then you should check it out.

My favorite is the GT Burger, which has the best burger in Kentucky with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onion and cheese. You also have a wedge salad, uniquely refined with pumpkin seeds, bacon and bleu cheese! As a side dish, you should not miss the side salad, which is uniquely topped with roasted black peas.

Plated is an oversized piece of roasted grouper served with jalapeno cheese grains and topped with lobster casket. If you want to eat a lot more meat than you should, head to this new place in the middle of downtown where you can order a burger, chicken wings, coffee - grated carrots and more. The portions are generous and you can find everything from pulled pork to pork ribs, pork chops and even beef ribs.

To place an order, go to 1131 Fairview Ave., or call 270-904-1573 to order Burger Bowl, which offers online orders. The 30 Bird is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm and offers pick-up and drop-off facilities. White Squirrel Brewery is a great place to place your order at 270-904-1573 and pick it up at 871 Broadway Ave. To order the burger bowl, call the restaurant's front desk at 270, 905 - 888 - 5555 or go to their website.

The specialities in the bistro are different from most restaurants and include a menu of staples such as fillet mignon and scallops on the menu, but it is so different that it is different from most restaurants. Happy hour is from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. Monday to Thursday, and lunch is served daily from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For starters, enjoy bourbon - glazed salmon, grilled salmon with grilled marinara sauce and bacon - mozzarella fillets wrapped in bacon, currently served for $5 per plate.

On the Chaney's Dairy Barn website you will find a full list of flavours, including dairy products - milk, cheese, eggs and dairy products. If you want to sip wine in Bowling Green, try the wine selection in the restaurant's wine bar and wine tasting room. Double Dogs is a great place to eat, drink and watch the big game, with over 100 craft beers and imported beers.

This diner - like the restaurant - serves country cuisine, and guests will come back excited, full and eager. The dinners come to Bowling Green excited and excited to enjoy the big game, with a wide selection of craft beers, wine and food. You get a big helping here and you go full, happy and ready to come back again and again.

Bowling Green is home to Mammoth Cave National Park, where there are many hiking and biking trails, but no trip to Bowling Green would be complete without a visit to the karst region where the famous "Mammoth Cave Spring" are located. Located in Red River Gorge, this is the perfect place to eat a great meal, drink a cold one and relax before or after hiking.

This drive-up restaurant is sure to provide a unique experience, and it is located right next to Mammoth Cave National Park.

If you're outside Louisville and Lexington, Bowling Green is a beautiful city with great restaurants. But I ask you to be on the rotation at El Mazatlan, it's become one of my favourite restaurants - because I eat gluten-free and just love food. Bowling Green is also home to a number of large craft breweries as well as some of the state's best craft beers.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of an old-fashioned shop, where whole smoked ham is on display. The restaurant is very casual and has a dog - inspired by its take-out department called the "go" - and - go, which gives the impression of a restaurant. Drawings hang on the walls, reinforcing the relaxed, low-key atmosphere of the restaurant.

The shop serves local farmers breakfast, which is available Tuesday through Saturday, as well as produce and meat for breakfast. Look at the food from local farmers and shop at the farmers market and the market for products.

The bistro offers a cozy Bowling Green atmosphere that you will love, served in your own living room with live music and friendly staff. On the other hand, Micki's on Main, which is just a few blocks from Main Street, costs $440.

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More About Bowling Green